B.C. Health Services "Pool & Spa":

What are the health concerns of hot tub use? Hot tubs and pools can provide a breeding ground for a number of bacteria that cause infection or disease. This includes the Legionella bacteria that cause Legionnaires' Disease, which can be fatal. As well, the Pseudomonas bacteria can cause a number of serious infections, such as severe skin rashes, eye and ear infections, and pneumonia. These bacteria can be easily controlled and removed by maintaining the disinfectant level of the water....More

Health Canada "Consumer Product Safety"Swimming pool and spa cleaning:

People who use your swimming pool or spa can get sick if you don't clean the water properly. Possible illnesses include ear infections, stomach infections, and skin rashes. Swimming pools and spas are good places for microorganisms like bacteria and viruses to live. Even clear water can have microorganisms in it. Good cleaning reduces the numbers of microorganisms to safe levels. To keep your pool or spa safe, you must test your water on a daily basis, especially when it’s being used a lot. Always maintain proper water balance in all types of pools and spas, even inflatable and kiddie pools....More

City of Parksville Bylaws:

Building Bylaw Excerpt Pools 22. a. Every application for a building permit for a swimming pool, including hot tubs, shall be accompanied by a plan showing the location of the proposed pool and all water supply piping, waste piping, apputenances, and all structural detail....More

Regional District of Nanaimo Bylaws:

19. Swimming Pools (1) An application for a Permit for the construction of a pool shall be accompanied by a Plan showing the location of the proposed pool, and all other buildings on site; (2) The following conditions apply to swimming pools;....More